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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 14:10:59 +0100 From: Salmacis Subject: PA with uniform part 5. redheads teen porn TGAny similarities to any persons in this story living or dead are purely accidental and also if you are not old enough or allowed to read such stories of a sexual nature in your place of residence/country and then please leave this site now.You are about to read a story which does depict sexual activities between male / female and male/male persons but no one was hurt, injured or even suffered throughout the making of this saucy story and in fact everyone enjoyed it immensely because they told me so for this very last timePreviously in Part 4As I lay back with these two soft warm bodies next to me their hands began to wander over my stocking tops with light caresses reaching my hard cock with each taking turns to stroke me. It was bliss having two lovers stroking me, kissing, nibbling licking and sucking. I watched them both run their tongues up my cock until they kissed my swollen tip together and with joined hands they wanked me off until I exploded my cum on their smiling faces.We drifted off to sleep contented. Part five: Italy fashion Show.Next morning came quickly or so it seemed to young teen porn thumbs me but in any case here I was still lying in porn teen chic pics bed with two hot bodies either side of me. Gentle movements now from Alex told me she was going to be awake before too long and I tried not to disturb her despite feeling her very hard morning erection pressing against my thigh. As she stirred she was slowly thrusting herself against me which was very arousing to say the least and now there were two very hard cocks in the bed. I turned onto my side to face her and did my best to line up my cock with hers so we could feel each other cock on cock.Alex opened her eyes and smiled. "I see you are up before me James""Actually Alex you beat me to it, your cock has been throbbing on my thigh and anxiously waiting for you to wake. Now that you are lets go and shower together and leave Stella here undisturbed"I felt Alex take a firm hold of my cock as she got out of bed and I had no choice but to follow where my cock was being pulled to. I was not likely to object anyway as we made our way into Stella's bathroom and all the way there Alex made a point of jerking my cock back and forward as we walked. Stella's shower was huge and big enough for six people so no problem with what was about to happen. Keeping a firm hold on my cock Alex pulled me into the shower having already turned the water on and then she put her arms around my neck and we kissed under the hot stream of water with both our cocks having a wrestling match between themselves further down. Breaking her embrace with me Alex grabbed the shower gel and started to lather me up all over, I also returned the favour and took the gel and started on Alex after I turned the water off. "Turn around and support your self against the tiles James. I need to do your back and then you can do me" I had to smile as I turned around and raised my arms to lean against the wall as I felt Alex's strong hands start from my neck massaging lather into me. Her soft hands worked lower and lower and gradually I russian illegal teen sex felt her hands little teen girl porn go between my cheeks soaping me thoroughly as she went further downwards and then back up to my thighs at which point Alex then gripped a cheek in each hand and parted them slightly exposing my tight male pussy. I felt Alex press her erect cock at my opening pushing forward. young teens xxx At the same time she moved her hands to grip both of my hips so she could thrust with a vengeance no doubt! I bent my knees slightly to make things easier and boy did it!! She now slid in completely and I could feel her balls swinging behind me as she pounded my arse pussy."Oh that's good James, take all my cock up inside as I fuck you"I felt sure I was going to explode from this intense pounding she was now giving me but I was going to give Alex some of the same just as long as I can stop myself from coming but the trouble was it felt really good having this tall long legged blonde fuck me with her bloody big hard cock. Alex then stopped moving and just kept the tip of her cock inside so I did what any horny guy would do, I pushed back on her cock so it went in further and then forward again back to just the tip. I was now the one doing the fucking as Alex stood still with me sliding up and down on her cock."Well James it's obvious you really want my cock so bad that you even want to fuck yourself on it but you will have to stop now as I need some attention too"With that said Alex pulled out completely and as I turned around she took the stance against the wall with her back to me, I grabbed some more gel and with a little water I got her in a lather pretty damm quick and repeated the sequence on teen porn preview her. As I slid in between those luscious cheeks of hers I began to fuck her senseless having just got so worked up by her attentions on my arse but I gay teen porn galleries had to force myself to stop moving in and out just to see if?"You are a fucking tease James"Yep, it worked. Alex was now copying me and teen nurse porn moving back and forward on my cock so the fucking could continue. It was hard in every sense of the word to stop pounding Alex but it was worth it to see her beautiful bottom sliding down my cock and back off again over and over engulfing my throbbing erection. Soon that familiar feeling began to come over me and I knew it was not going to take much more for me to explode and Alex was very much aware of this as well."Revenge is so sweet James. I can feel you inside me getting close so let's see what happens next shall we"As she finished speaking she also stopped moving! I grabbed both her hips and plunged in as far as I could to finish. Alex was now bent right over as I fucked deeper and harder into her tight arse. I swear she was clenching herself to bring me off quicker. Hell I'm not complaining, it felt so bloody good either way!! Alex steadied her self more now against the tiled wall as the teen pussy insertions pace quickened between us."Come teen porn galleriers on James, Faster; fuck me faster, let me feel that cock of yours shoot hard and hot inside me. Yes that's it, shoot long and hard and then you can finish me off"I felt every muscle inside me tense up as I reached the point of ejaculating in Alex's tight bottom. I held on tight gripping her hips as I thrust forward with my last bit of energy and then exploding deep up inside her shooting off repeatedly until I could no longer stand on my weakening legs. As I pulled back my cock slid out of Alex followed by a slow steady stream of my cum and I watched it trickle down the inside of her thighs at which point I was down on my knees looking directly busty asian teen porn at this soft bottom before me that I had just fucked so completely. Alex then slowly turned around and her enormous cock came into view as she stopped with it just brushing my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and kept my tongue as rigid as I could and Alex pushed slowly forward keeping in contact with my hot tongue on the underside of her cock and even sliding back and forward without any gripping of her cock with my lips. I just stayed there with her cock sliding in and out of my open mouth brushing my tongue as she went. I was thinking just how hard and hot her cock was when without any warning it suddenly jerked on the last outward stroke and shot thick hot cum straight to the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could but I just could not keep up with Alex as shot after shot hit me on the face but Alex was making the most of it now by wanking herself furiously at my open mouth and eager tongue but also not forgetting to spray my face, hair and anything else she could possibly hit. Finally she stopped wanking herself and the surge of cum ceased after the last few jerks. I took her softening cock fully into my mouth and very gently sucked her tip before it became too sensitive for her. Alex held my head there for a few minutes before pulling back releasing her cock from my cum soaked mouth. I stood up face to face with Alex and she proceeded to lick my face eagerly consuming every last drop of her cum, she licked her lips and spoke."Mmmmmnnn. What a great start to the day. Now let's finish up here and get dressed"As we left Stella's bedroom after our sexy shower we both heard Stella stir as we made our way to our daily teen porn bedrooms to dress. I was eager to get dressed now as it felt a little chilly so I decided on a soft black teen babe porn vids lace suspender belt which I quickly fastened around my waist and then I opened a pack of new black stockings with a 3" lace top and slid them up my legs making sure they were fastened securely to the belt clips. I slipped into my leather boots Stella had given me and grabbed a silk white blouse as I made my way to the full length mirror. As I stood in front of the mirror I was tempted not to dress in anything else as I just felt so good standing there in just stockings, belt, knee high boots and with my blouse unbuttoned. It would be a shame to cover all this up for the day but at least I could feel it all throughout the day as I moved around. As I turned to find a skirt the door burst open and Alex appeared dressed much the same as I was."James, I just spoke to Stella and she needs to pop into town. Why don't you come with us""Actually I think I will this time but I can't go like this so I'll put teen porn pic post on my trousers to match my PA's jacket that way I'll be properly dressed"Alex grinned, "Is that with or without knickers on James?""Without and hopefully you will stay the same way too. Just think Alex the pair of us walking around with no knickers on!"Her grin got bigger as the words sunk in."Well that's fine by me but I'm the one who's going to be wearing a mini skirt while you are wearing trousers so that seems a little unfair to me James. extreme bizzare teen porn So I suggest we both wear our skirts and in any case you look good in yours as much as I do in mine unless of course you are thinking of ways of backing out of our little dare?"Alex knew just what to say to convince me to throw caution to the wind and just do it. In reality I was quite excited at the prospect."OK Alex you're on, we both wear skirts but with no knickers on underneath. I just hope it's not too cold out?""I'm really looking forward to this James and you will get to experience what its like to dress like a woman in a skirt outside for a change and don't worry I'll stay close so people will see you in between two hot women"Alex left me to finish dressing and I made my way downstairs shortly after where she and Stella were already waiting to go."Good morning James, I see my PA is properly dressed in a skirt and in some nice boots too. Sorry to rush you James but we can grab some breakfast in town, so let's go shall we."We all got in the car outside and sped off to town with Alex driving. Stella leaned forward to face me and slid her hand under my skirt and found my exposed cock much to her delight it appeared."This is going to be a fun day out with none of us wearing any knickers but I hope you two can control yourselves down below. We wouldn't want anything to pop up and put in an appearance would we!!"Stella was almost laughing to the point where could hardly contain herself! We headed for the coffee shop and parked nearby meaning we were going to walk a hundred yards or so for our breakfast in town. It was about 9:30 now and although the morning rush was over there seemed to be a lot of people about as we walked into the main high street toward the coffee shop. I certainly was aware of how we must have looked. Two good looking women walking either side of what looked like a man, in a skirt and boots. Some gave a slightly puzzled look and some just smiled and went on their way. Stella at one point stopped to speak to a well dressed woman in a business suit who gave me the once over smiling as she did."Hi Ruth, you know Alex of course but this is my new PA; James. He is just what every business woman needs and comes with a very appealing dress sense.""Hello Stella, it's good to see you here in town and I must say James looks very much the part in his uniform. Where are you all going?""We dashed out to get into town early so we are off to "The Coffee Bean" for some breakfast if you want to join us?""Actually I will thanks Stella and then you can tell me where I can get a PA just like James here""Sorry James I don't mean to ignore you but I'll get to you later and by the way you look lovely in those boots not to mention the skirt"Ruth was tall with long blonde hair pulled up into a bun and dressed in much animal teen porn free the same way as the rest of us, very business like. We all took a table in the "Coffee Bean" ordering cafe latte's and four house special breakfasts. I was sitting between Ruth and Alex with Stella opposite. Ruth constantly glanced down at my legs and eventually came close enough to whisper to me."James, I hope you don't mind me asking but I would really love to know something. Tights or stockings?""Ruth, of tiny teen porn pussy course I don't mind but if you really want to know why don't you find out for yourself"She glanced at both Stella and Alex who both just smiled knowing what she had possibly asked me. With no further encouragement Ruth place her hand on my knee while looking me in the eye and slowly moved her hand further up under my skirt where she found a suspender clip and a naked thigh but still she moved higher up and to the inside of my thigh never blinking or losing eye contact with me as she went further. I glance quickly at Stella and Alex and it was if nobody was breathing at the table. I looked back at Ruth and met her gaze just as she reached my stirring member. Her eyes widened as her fingers now found my stiff cock as her fingers instinctively wrapped around it."Oh my God James, no knickers and a hard cock that quite obviously likes my warm hand around it. You have made my day and I do hope I can get in touch with you and this again!" She squeezed me teen sex film a little tighter as she spoke.Ruth glanced around the other tables just in case anyone had realised what was going on but we were seated well away from anyone so there was no likelihood of that. She slowly slid her hand back down my leg and let it rest back on my stocking covered knee and continued to stroke it as she now spoke to Stella."Well Stella, free teen lessbian porn I do love your new PA and I can certainly see he has the goods to do the job at hand. Is there a possibility I could have him on temporary loan for a day or so?""James, what do you say, Do you think you could help Ruth out with some "personal assistance" I know she would treat you well and I'm sure I could manage for maybe just one day until you have satisfied her requests"I smiled at Stella and turned to face Ruth"So Ruth, Stockings or tights?" I didn't wait for her to answer. My hand was on her knee sliding further up under her skirt and I felt her legs begin to part as I reached her lace topped hold ups at which point she shifted her weight forward which enabled me to pull her damp lace knickers to one side revealing a very moist opening. I slid one finger in quickly followed by another and then a third and finally using my thumb I started to rub gently against her clit as I thrust in and out. Very quickly Ruth reached her first orgasm as she attempted to stifle her moans but as her legs shook slightly she suddenly blurted out."Oh fuck, yes! Yes!"Realising the entire coffee shop had heard that, Ruth quickly tried to cover it up by picking up her mobile phone."Oh I'm sorry everyone I just got very good news in a text!"Alex was the first to speak with a small smirk on her face"Ruth, your orgasm was obviously great but your excuse was pathetic and I'm not sure they believed you anyway. Come with me now"Alex and Ruth left the table to taboo teen porn go to the toilet leaving me and Stella to chat. It turns out Ruth used to work for Stella but now ran a small company much the same as Stella's, no competition really but they were once lovers and are even now still very good friends. Stella proceeded to tell me that Ruth would also be in Italy at the show. What seemed like an teen porn star movies hour or so, Alex and nude beach teens Ruth came back to the table. Alex was smiling and Ruth was positively glowing. Ruth soon got up to leave and pressed something into my hand as she said goodbye."I am so glad I ran into you all and breakfast will never be the quite the same again. Jame's, Stella has erotic tiny teens nude my number and I hope you can still come and see me in a day or so, See you soon Stella, and thank you Alex. I will sleep very well tonight thanks to you""Well she left in a hurry and I'm sure you had something to do with that Alex?" "Yes Alex. I've never seen Ruth quite like that before other than when we! Let me guess or rather why don't you tell James and me exactly what went on in the toilet. We are all ears Alex""I maybe will tell you both later, I'll have to see. James straighten your skirt before you get up. We don't want the people here to catch a glimpse of what lurk's beneath do we"That was funny coming from Alex who probably had a bigger cock than me. But not that was a complaint by any means. We all got up and left the coffee bean with me putting Ruth's damp lace knickers in my jacket pocket that she had given me. I was beginning to feel fine walking around town in a skirt, stockings and boots which was probably helped by the fact Alex and Stella were with me. I still saw a few raised eyebrows in places we went to but also some very interesting facial expressions. One clothes shop we visited had a 25ish sales girl who was so nice she even offered to help me choose anything I fancied. I spotted a leather skirt that I could not resist. Just college teen porn above the knee and in a soft supple leather I just had to try it on. The girl escorted me shaved pussy teens to the changing cabin with the skirt and offered to give me some independent advice on how it looked. I chose to put Ruth's knickers clips porn teen on as I was going to take my skirt off which was just as well because just as I stepped out of my PA skirt the girl stuck her head in asking if everything was alright. I'm standing there in just boots, stockings and knickers with this girl staring at me with her mouth agape."Oh I'm sorry. I thought you had the skirt on already. Your two friends have just gone upstairs and won't be long. Why don't I help you with that leather skirt"In a flash she had entered the cabin and was on her knees before me prompting me to step into the skirt that she now held in her hands. As I stepped into the skirt carefully her gaze went to my bulging knickers of Ruth's which still felt incredibly damp. The girl gently pulled the japanese teen porn star skirt up and fastened it at my waist and stepped back as much as she could to make her comment."Well I reckon that looks lovely on you. How does it feel? Move around a little to get a feel for it."I have always wanted a soft leather skirt and this was the one. For a moment I was lost in my own thoughts that I forgot about the girl watching me. I looked over to her and she was smiling."That skirt is so you. Not flash or fancy but perfect. I can see you really like it so let's free teen porn slutes get it off and have it wrapped." She came close and unfastened it and teased it down my thighs as she knelt down and again her face was inches from my lace covered cock. Without looking she had me step out of the skirt which she placed to one side and then placed her hands on my knees as she stood up tracing my legs with her hands right up my stockings to the lace tops. Then she brought her hands together cupping my tented erection."I wish my boyfriend would dress like you. It's about time men tried something different like this. I think it is so sexy having a mix of masculine and porn school teen feminine teen blowjob galleries together and youg teen porn I can feel you still very much a man by this throbbing cock you have here"She stepped back slightly and pulled her dress up showing a mirror image of what I was wearing minus the erection of course. She rubbed the front of her knickers, pulled them to one side and pushed two fingers in and out of her beautiful pussy several times before bringing them up to her mouth where she breathed in deeply with eyes closed ugly teen porn and then sucked gently on her fingers before opening her eyes again. Without a word she was back on her knees with my knickers around my boots and her lips teen mature porn around my aching cock. Her head bas bobbing up and down on my cock and her hands were up and down my stockings caressing the lace tops and it was sheer bliss. This lovely girl had my cock nearly down her throat and she was bringing me very quickly to shooting off in her hot mouth."Oh free teen porn pitchers Fuck that's so good. Don't stop. Keep sucking. Suck harder. Yes that's it"I blew my load down her throat in several blasts and my knees went weak. She stopped sucking me and gradually let my cock fall from her mouth. She stood up facing me with one hand cupping my neck and the other was clearly pleasuring herself when she shuddered and moaned and her grip on my neck went loose. She quickly stepped out of her knickers and placed them in my hand. My god they weren't damp they were soaking!! Rearranging herself she quickly left the cabin allowing me to straighten up before heading out with my leather skirt towards the cash till. I was just paying for the skirt when I saw Stella and Alex coming down the stairs and the girl came over and spoke before they got too close."Look after my knickers for me and I want you to wear them the first time you wear this leather skirt which I hope will be when you come back in here for something else, if not. My number is on the back of this voucher. I live in the town so I'm not far away. We could teen nude models dress up in stockings and lace together and indulge in all sorts of fantasies!! ------- Thank you for your purchase and this voucher will allow you a 10% discount on your next visit."She briskly walked off just as Stella and Alex came over to me. Alex watched the girl keenly as we left the store. After several hours in town we headed back home and settled down to a glass of wine after our interesting trip into town."So James, I said our trip would be fun with no knickers on and even Stella thought to join in. You non nude teen girls went out with none and came back with Ruth's black lace knickers, by the way where are they?"I reached into my pocket and tossed them over to Alex who caught them and brought them up to her nose."Hmmm, lovely aroma James but also very odd. It doesn't smell like Ruth and it's not like her to wear non-matching underwear. Not at all like the bra she was wearing this morning??"I had forgot I was still wearing Ruth's knickers!. Alex was now holding the girls ones from live porn teen the shop! I kept my knees tight together just in case her sight was as keen as her sense of smell! I went out with no knickers on and came back with two pairs. What a day it's been.Stella looked at me with a knowing smile as she put her wine on the table."James. Did you find Rebecca to be helpful today. I did ask her to assist you with anything you wanted. I've known her for two years now and I find she is extremely helpful every time I go into the store. She does like to make sure clients are fully satisfied with her service before you leave"Alex looked puzzled at this conversation and I was still puzzled as to how she knew lingerie teen mature porn what bra Ruth was wearing this morning? dress up teen porn Anyway it has been a good day and the night was drawing to a close so we all retired to our own beds. The next couple of days went by with no real young teen home porn excitement which meant I could fully recharge and we could finally get to sort our suitcases out ready for our trip to Italy. Ben had booked our Hotel rooms, which was just a short walk to the venue for the fashion show, and later today we were off to the airport.Now I had some serious thinking about what to wear on the flight as I had only worn a skirt and stockings since starting with Stella and to be honest I really did not relish the idea of wearing japanise teen porn men's trousers after all this time. It just did not seem right. Stella came up with the idea that if I did not feel sure about wearing a skirt maybe the cropped young teen cartoon porn trousers and shoes would be OK. I agreed and I still could wear my stockings underneath to help balance it all. Alex did suggest I could have my hair properly styled and with a tiny bit of make up I could probably pass as a tall slender woman which I thought was a great idea but going through passport control would still clearly show me as a male. I didn't follow this suggestion any further. Alex on the other hand looked like a gorgeous teen sex tape woman and had no problem about her passport showing the fact she was basically still a man which is very hard to realize unless you catch a glimpse of her wonderful ever ready cock under her skirt. She did love to wear them short teasing suitable women and men alike with her long legs.We arrived at the airport in good time without having to rush and we browsed around the shops at Gatwick for a short time until we decided to go through passport control and security. I managed to set the security alarm off for some reason twice and realised it was my metal clasps on my suspender belt straps. I fortunately had a very nice security man who asked if he could just check me free caroline teen porn over and given the smile that ended up on his face it had assured him I was amateur teen porn videos anything but a possible terrorist. He looked very pleased with himself having discovered the suspender belt straps and the reasons I had tripped the alarm and to be honest I was as well given the fact he now appeared to have a bulge bigger than before. We all took our seats on the plane and very soon we were airborne for Italy.Several hours later we were booked in and up in our rooms which all connected with each other and the first thing I did was to strip off homemade teen sex videos and change into my leather skirt, stockings and boots. This felt much better and after Stella and Alex had also changed we decided to head over to the venue to check it out. Ben and his crew would be there with all the models and we could run over a few details before the show started in two days time.Ben came over to greet us all. He introduced everyone to us and suggested I go and talk with Greta in private. Greta was a close friend of Ben's who was going to make sure all ran smoothly. She was in charge of getting the models on and off the stage in a constant flow. We went into a private room to discuss a few things."Now James, rather xxx porn teen free than being the star of the show I want you to be the centre of it which means you will be almost constantly on stage with the others coming and going. I hope you don't mind me asking you this but can you stand up and remove you skirt for me please.----- Oh yes; that does look good. I see you have a good choice of stockings gay porn teen cocks on which are naturally one of Stella's most popular I might add. For a man you were most definitely meant to wear stockings and I'm glad you are here but we do have one small problem that I need to discuss with you. We need to find a way for the male models to be; how shall I say; Relaxed. On several occasions when we had a trial run on the catwalk nearly all the guys had a very obvious hard erections and given we want to promote stockings for men in a positive way I think seeing all the models erect and hard on the catwalk would possibly bring the Police down on us pretty quick and ruin what we are trying to do here. There must be a way to calm them down long enough to get them through the show""Greta, I know how they are feeling. When I first started wearing I had the initial erection followed by the feel good factor and it was only after regular wearing did it begin to wear off but 17 teen porn pics this would take probably weeks for them to get used to the feeling which we don't have. I'll have a word with Alex and discuss it with her and I'm sure we will come up with something"Greta laughed with a reply"That's exactly what we do not want James, we need to keep them down!!""I think Alex and I can get to grips with this little problem Greta""Well then. Perhaps you could show me James exactly how you would handle this growing problem because it even seems to be affecting you now as we speak"I suddenly realised I had begun to stir and harden in front of Greta. After all I was still standing there without my skirt on in my lace knickers and boots. I looked at Greta and could see she was free porn europe teen not embarrassed at my predicament at all. She walked the few steps toward me and put her hands on either side of my thighs gently thumbing my suspender straps as she looked at me."Would you give me first hand experience of how to deal with this growing problem between us or if you prefer I could show you personally my own way of handling such things"Greta went down on her knees taking my lace knickers down with her. She placed her hands hot gay teens on the backs of my thighs and lace stocking tops and pulled me forward to her open mouth which engulfed grandma and teen porn my now erect cock in one swift movement. She pulled back and I could feel her tongue keeping the pressure on the underside of my cock all the way to the tip."That's one of my ways to ease the aching James. Now show me one of yours"I gently took hold of my cock and slowly began to slide just my finger and thumb back and forward from the tip to the base and already I was showing pre cum which Greta quickly lapped up on her tongue as I pulled back down my cock. I watched her slowly lick her lips as she looked up at me. Everything went in slow motion unlike anything I had ever known before. Greta continued to take me again fully into her hot mouth several more times before standing up."Come over her and make an this teen baby sitter porn old woman happy"As she walked over to the large desk near the window she let her skirt fall and stepped out of it as she went quickly followed by her knickers leaving a trail for me to follow. She placed her feet apart and put her hands on the desk and leant over it exposing her naked bottom to me which was perfectly framed by the suspender straps on either side. As I approached her she looked over her shoulder and gazed at what was to come inside her."Slide that monster up into my soaking pussy and bring me off then I want you to fuck my tight arse until you shoot it full of your hot spunk".She schooll teen porn movie then did something I was not expecting. She rested her breasts on the desktop bringing her hands around to her bottom. She gripped and pulled her cheeks apart exposing both her dripping pussy and arse to me like I have never seen before. gay teen story As I slid my cock into her hot pussy I gripped her wrists but only gently held them behind her back so young teens porn I could thrust up as close as I could get. Lying across the heavy wooden desk meant there was no sway going on as I pounded in and every inch of my cock entered her to the hilt. I was looking to fucking her tight arse and was so pleased that she reached her orgasm very quickly. I pulled out and lined my slick and sticky cock at her rear entrance and as I started to push the head in I felt her open up and quickly I felt myself slide in without a moan or a whimper from Greta. I felt sure she knew how to take a cock in her arse and had obviously done this before."Your cock feels much bigger than it looks James. Now fuck me senseless until you explode inside" At his point she gripped down on my cock sending sensations that sped me on. I could feel our stockings rubbing against each other as I pounded away at Greta's lovely tight arse and I was quickly cumming. I managed maybe a few more fucking strokes and then.Yes!!...I held in as tight and deep as kinky teen lesbian porn I could get as I shot again and again each time with Greta feeling my spasms as little Oooh's escaped her lips. As I calmed down and good teens nude slowly softened I pulled out of Greta and slumped back into the nearest chair. Greta rose up and breathlessly spoke."James that was the best fuck I've had in years and you have certainly made this old woman very happy. I feel well fucked and satisfied and I see we have also managed to get your cock well pleased. free teen porn pitcures I hope it was good for you too?"Greta kept referring to herself as an old woman teen cash porn and as I looked at her standing there my cum trickled down her thighs onto her stockings. She was a very attractive woman whatever her age was. A tall slender woman with blonde hair cut in a bob. Her face was still smooth and taut with just a slight hint of crow's feet at the corner of her eyes. She still looked a stunner and her age did was not important."Greta, you are simply amazing. I would love to get to know you much better and although I know you very intimately now I feel there is a lot more about you I don't know and yes in simple terms that was fucking awesome""I'm glad I was able to satisfy you James. Let's get this show over and see what happens after, shall we?"We rejoined the rest of the crew who were busily all active in some way and I felt a little guilty having enjoyed myself with Greta while everyone else was working. But I had some things to do and I would be putting in some work now I was here. After a long day we were almost ready. I mentioned to Alex that we had a task we needed to attend to regarding the male members of our team. She found this very amusing to say the least but was also very keen to lend a hand in making sure things did not pop up throughout the show.We took the time over the next day to finally prepare every issue we could think of that needed attention. Alex and I had also arranged teen porn for females to meet and sort out the small problem with the guys on the morning of the show leaving just a couple of hours spare before the show itself.Today was the day for the show and Alex and I were backstage with all the models and we called a meeting of the guys regarding the growing problem. Stella was with Ben and Greta going over some details so we had the dressing room all to ourselves."Ok guys gather round. You all know what british teen models porn the show is about and we will have some very important company buyers amongst others out there today so we need this to go off without a hitch. Beside me is Alex who I think most of you know or certainly japan teen porn movtes seen around here and she will be on stage with us but the whole point of this show is to show that us men can wear and should have the opportunity to wear stockings. There are a small handful of companies prepared to stock lingerie for men if they see it being viable.Let's show them that boxers are out along with the Y young teen toplists porn fronts and bring on the lace and stockings. I'm convinced that millions of guys like us want to wear their own brand of lingerie instead of sneakily buying female ones. If this show is a success as I know it will be any guy anywhere will be able to buy what he likes and know it's made and marketed just for him. Who knows maybe the women will be cross dressing in our lingerie before too long. Its time us men had a decent choice of underwear instead of the bland boring and dull rags we currently have available. I personally love the feel of stockings and lace on my body so let's go and get it""James, Do you think we can make a difference with this show""Yes I do, men today want back what they once had. Look to your history books. it was the men who wore the stockings and lace. Even corsets, wigs and make up. If you go further back any self respecting civilisation had men in skirts in and out of battle. The Greeks had the Chiton and the Romans the hot teens ass toga and who was going to tell them differently. What you choose to wear is up to you regardless of your teen tiants porn sexual preferences. As you know and have seen I prefer teen girl gay porn to wear a skirt with stockings simply because I want to and I find it more comfortable than trousers. I can't speak for the rest of you but I hate my cock and balls being lifted and separated by the seam under the crotch. Think about it, which sex would be most suitable to wear trousers by the very youong teen porn design of them. Women of course. And who would benefit from wearing a skirt the most. Men!! But that's my opinion but we are here for the stockings and lace today so let's get out sandra teen model nude there today and do it""James, well said. Does that mean you would prefer me in trousers from now on""No way Alex, I do see you as a woman but I also like what you have down here so you still very much qualify for a skirt so no trousers for you!""Right guys, we have a proposition to put to you. Greta told me about the issue of hard cocks on the catwalk and as much as I like the idea of that we can't have it today with our audience. Therefore anytime from now I would like you all to wank yourselves off so when you put the stockings on hardcore teen dildo porn for the show we should hopefully not have any distractions for the people coming here to see a fashion show. Besides we don't want the police shutting us down for being obscene""That's a bit much to ask James but I can see your point and although I can't speak for the rest of the guys here I'm OK with it""Good, now if you all want to take a pair of stockings from this selection here you can put them on and let your feelings take over so to speak. The same goes for myself."I had a feeling this was going to change once it got started but hey I was up for it!! A couple of guys already had their stockings on and were rock solid and were sort of checking each other out. I had a girl sex teen pair on and headed over to see if all was OK. Both guys looked at me and started to fondle each other and although they had underwear on it very quickly came off to allow better handling of the goods. I dropped my skirt and knickers and was happy to wander around just in stockings as more and more guys did porn, teen parties the same. Alex still had her skirt on which was as well as I don't think most of the guys even knew yet that Alex had something stirring beneath her agressive teen porn skirt and it most teen webcam sex probably was likely to be the biggest in the room.. I saw her helping a couple of guys get going by wanking them in unison as she knelt before them. They looked pretty pleased with themselves and I couldn't blame them. 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They just stood there looking at this fantastic woman with a cock anyone of them would have been proud of."Do I need to repeat myself boys?"I watched them all move but who was the lucky one?. I went closer and watched Alex rocking her hips so her huge porn russian teen virgin cock slid back and forth in his hand She handed him a small jar that we had placed nearby for any possible rear fuckings that might have developed. He realised what to do teen lesbian and reluctantly let go of Alex's cock and coated his own with the lube from the jar. By this time Alex was on all fours pushing her arse up suggestively as he moved around behind her and slowly positioned his cock head at her hot arse. Just as he lined it up Alex pushed back and engulfed it in what seemed like teen and dad porn a nano second bringing a gasp from the lucky guy. He tried to steady himself to start fucking her but he need not have bothered because she was pounding back and forth on his cock and all he could do was to hold on tight to her soft hips. I was actually jealous for a brief moment. Alex had only just got going. She reached up and grabbed the first cock she could and pulled it down with the owner still attached I'm glad to say. Once positioned correctly in front of her she managed to take his cock in her mouth and sucking him as she rocked forward and then moving off him fucked back on the cock embedded in her bottom. She got a rhythm going that was sure to please them both. The remaining two guys decided on a 69 position along side Alex and her two lovers. It took a while for these two to get going but they had each others cocks sliding in and out of their mouths in perfect harmony before too long.As I looked around sex was everywhere but one guy was alone and very slowly fondling his cock and stroking his stockings at the same time. He saw me come over and stopped."Hey, carry on. I love to see someone enjoy the lace tops as much as I do""I feel slightly embarrassed James. I just love the feel of these so much I could probably just come by stroking the stockings on their own.""That's OK. I was the same and even now I still do sometimes and I've been wearing them for years. I tell you what if you let me fuck you you can stroke the stockings and I can wank you at the same time and believe me you will have the best of all the sensations"I took the smile to be a yes. I had him lay back on nude teen porn pitcherscom the table he was sitting on and I put his legs up on my shoulders. I stood on the floor lining up my cock at his inviting pussy, which now glistened with the lube I had just used. He lay there stroking the lace tops within easy reach and carried onto his knees and back up again gently moaning as he stroked. 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He goat fucking teen porn looked down at me finishing his cock off with some soft licks and spoke."That was sheer bliss. I hope we can do this again soon"I looked around and saw sucking, fucking and wanking in all its glory and I also saw Greta walking around taking it all in. She glanced my way and came over as I went to meet her leaving my friend still recovering on the table behind me."James, this is so sexually arousing I actually feel faint from the smell of sex in the air but at the same time so alive to be watching it all going on. Tell me what is your favourite sexual partner, is it the guy you just sucked off, a women from years ago or maybe teen porn brady girls a shemale like Alex over there?""After the show Greta. I will come and stay with you tonight and tell you what really turns me on and you can tell me all about yourself too but has what you have seen here bothered you at all""Not at all foreign gay teen porn James. I have tried many different types of sex in my life and enjoyed it all immensely. Watching you suck that mans cock just now and swallow his hot cum excited me more than I can explain right now, but I will tell you later I promise"Greta left me and I watched her walk away observing all the sex going on around her. She looked back from the door for a moment and was brazilian teen porn movie gone.Things were coming to an end with most guys now spent and recovering from shooting their loads in whit teen porn and over each other. Alex had fucked, sucked and wanked most of the guys off much to their pleasure and she now came over to teen art porn me. She stood along side me and looked around with her hands on her hips."Well James. I think we can handle just about anything after this. Let's go shower and get ready for the show""OK guys listen up. We all need to clean up and get ready for the main event which will start in 75mins so get back here pronto. Your lingerie will be here by then along with a personal dresser and you will listen to Greta at all times who will guide you through it"I had a nice long hot shower and returned to the dressing room which now had several people taking directions from Greta positioning lingerie to each dresser. We were going gay teen twinks to start with Opaque hold up stockings for each of us in different colours along with matching knickers. Either a vest top or blouse would be worn throughout but Greta would decide who and when. Shoes were Latin heeled dance shoes or boots and again Greta would direct the way the look would be handled. Eventually we would move onto all the range of stockings available from Stella's company which had been branded with a logo just for men in male sizes and eventually we would finish with suspender belts and stockings with a choice of lace or plain tops in a variety of colours and styles to appeal to all types of men. We had some different styles of skirts from mini to maxi lengths but keeping the colours fairly plain to begin with. It would be Alex skinny teen nudes and I modelling the skirts towards the end with Stella coming on stage to finalise the event.The time was now. We were all in our Opaque stockings which were ideal for the colder months and in fact one free teen gay of my favourites. Greta had us line up either side of the stage and after the announcements both Alex and I took to the catwalk from opposite sides walking out towards the audience. Shit!! I was expecting a crowd but not like this. The place was packed wall to wall and as far as I could see to the back of the venue as well. I kept smiling as Alex and I made our turn at the end of the catwalk looking like flip sides of the same coin in filipina teen sex our stockings and blouses complemented by some matching boy shorts that didn't show or give too much away at the moment. As we made our way back Greta indicated to us to turn and repeat the walk but we were to stop on the turn for 5 seconds and then return to her. We did as she asked and suddenly there was a flash, then another and by the time we were moving again a whole multitude of cameras were going. It was a mix of clicks, flashes and loud applause by the time we reached the wings of the stage. We had just passed the second two models on the way back but Greta had me go back alone on a third walk before she would let me go and change. This time I could make out the people clearer in the audience. A mix of men and women of various ages and I even spotted Ruth who cheered me on as she caught my attention. We moved through quick changes time after time until we were in suspender belts and sheer stockings and quite thin lace knickers to match but by now the audience were with us cheering the styles and designs as we walked back and forward. I had for some reason been asked to walk twice as russian teen nudes much as the others by Greta to the amusement of the crowd it seemed as they had now obviously taken to me given the cheers as I walked past. I was getting into this by feeling more and more confident as things were going so well. We had one last change teen blowjob video and we were all to be on stage with Alex and I up front. Greta showed me what to wear and I was overjoyed. For many years I had a dream long before I even knew why or what it possibly meant. I had always wanted to wear a leather skirt with stockings, Knee high boots and a white blouse. This was never an attempt by me to pass myself off as a woman. It was simply something I really wanted to wear and now here I was in front of all these people living the dream.Alex and I were dressed almost teen pantyhose porn the same in leather mini skirts walked hand in hand to the turning point leaving the others back on the stage where we took the 5 seconds to turn and walk back to meet Stella at centre stage.All three of us returned back to the turning point of the catwalk out with the audience where Alex and I stood either side of Stella and applauded her along with the Audience. Stella took a slow bow opening her arms either side of herself before standing back up.Caught up in the excitement neither Alex nor I had realised why Greta had insisted we didn't wear any knickers this time. Only now it became very obvious as Stella was now holding the hem of both our skirts up clearly showing the audience what lay beneath.Two fully exposed cocks were on full show with Stella's trade mark logo on our stockings lace tops, labelled----- "Just for Men"The audience loved it completely. The whole place erupted into rapturous applause and not to mention all the flashes going off capturing all that was on display!.The show was a complete success now everyone knew that stockings were not "Just for Women"This kids gay teen porn was the final part of PA with uniform. Thank you for all the many kind comments.I may decide to do a spin off of James and Alex adventures?.Let me
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